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Praise for Passports and Pacifiers

"A parenting memoir and travel guide that will inspire families to have new experiences." Kirkus Reviews

“Conversational, lively, humorous tone...Enjoyable and memorable.”
The BookLife Prize

"Impressively informed and informative, deftly written, having a wonderfully entertaining commentary throughout, and thoroughly 'parent friendly' in organization and presentation, 'Passports and Pacifiers' is fully and unreservedly recommended for personal, family, and community library Parenting collections." Midwest Book Review

“Conversational, lively, humorous tone... Enjoyable and memorable.” —The BookLife Prize

"Reading Kaitlyn Jain's very funny stories made me feel regret for not traveling more when my children were young...but also huge relief I didn't." 
George Mahood, author of Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain.

Passports and Pacifiers is an impossible-to-put-down book that is part travelogue, part advice column for would-be jet setting parents. Jain is a talented storyteller who takes us on journeys from the gelato shops of Italy to the beaches of San Diego, from Mayan ruins in Guatemala to cruises to Helsinki. For parents wanting to raise their kids with memories and meaningful encounters with cultures from around the world, this is a must-read.
Jason Farman, author of Delayed Response: The Art of Waiting from the Ancient to the Instant World

5 stars - "Fabulous read about a young family who travel the world with their 4 young children. I wish this book was published when my 4 were young." Anne K., via NetGalley

5 stars - "What a wonderful and entertaining read. There are tips and tricks interspersed with a very relatable and enjoyable story of a family with 4 kids who love to travel." Michele via Goodreads

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"Passports and Pacifiers reminds us all of the dream-mare that comes with traveling with your children...Kaitlyn Jain gives you the permission, inspiration, and information you need to get out and see the world again!"
Erin Hatzikostas, former corporate CEO, TEDx speaker, and author of You Do You(ish)

The true story of two crazy parents traveling with four small children…on a budget

Starting with two bumbling parents taking their Never-Sleep infant to child-loving Italy and ending six years later with an adventure across Scandinavia, Passports and Pacifiers follows a baby-wearing family on memorable, affordable, and nap-centered trips.

You'll be regaled with honest, often hilarious, accounts of their misadventures, like losing the only pacifier of the trip, missing ferries, and soothing tantrums across the globe. The Jains find deals—traveling just a tad off the prime season, finding buy one get two flights, and using credit card miles and free grandparent babysitters—and save where they can. They stay cheap, shack up with in-laws, and visit generous family and friends.

Parents of small children receive hard-earned travel tips, including:

•Entertaining kids during long flights

•Packing light (while bringing what you need!)

•Driving with a carsick-prone toddler

•Keeping your Ever-Hungry spouse happy

After reading these entertaining adventures, you will want to take that trip!

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