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Artie and Boston BELS Publishing

I'm excited to share my publishing imprint, Boston BELS Publishing! In addition to my four kids, I've had Boston Terriers my whole life. Since Artie prepared me (somewhat) for kids, it's only fitting he inspired my publishing name and logo.

BELS represents my kids' initial and red was the color of Artie's collar. And of course, Artie traveled a lot: to Michigan, New York, North Carolina, all of New England.... Artie was my travel buddy, even before I met my husband.

Chapter 2 Excerpt: Before Babies, There Were Peccaries:

My puppy, Artie, had fallen hard too. My family has owned Boston Terriers starting with my grandfather’s childhood dog, Billy Boy. We had some growing up, my sister adored her two, and Artie joined me shortly after I graduated college. Like a moderate justice, he held the swing vote for any future relationship. With his stub tail, Artie shook his entire body to show his pleasure. His frame would curl in on itself to form a C when he wriggled with happiness.

Artie literally leapt into AJ’s arms when they met. In fact, Artie set us up—indirectly of course since he’s a dog. I met my neighbors through him, including AJ’s high school friend Mario, who would then play the matchmaker. Mario and I attended dog ‘happy hours’ together in the building. Basically, residents letting our dogs play for an hour on the rooftop. That sounds way more yuppyish than it seemed, but looking back, maybe the Manhattans gave it away.

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