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My Kirkus Review is here and it's glowing...well, not really, but I'm ecstatic all the same

My Kirkus Review came in last night. My Kirkus Review came in last night!

I have been awaiting this for months and I am so excited to share it! So excited, there may have been a mini dance party in the house last night. (May have). And so excited that I don't care that every word I write is repeated. Repetition is good, the ghost of marketing past tells me.

Receiving a review from the reputable, credible Kirkus Reviews really means that there's a lot of work today. Begging the cover artist to update my cover so it will be included upon release. Adding to Goodreads and NetGalley. Updating BookLife Prize page. (Didn't even know that existed until today.) Including on Amazon and Ingram Spark pages. (Those of you who pre-ordered actually purchased through Ingram Spark.). Sharing to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And now, I've got to share with you all; my followers, family, and friends. Trying to get it all done before my monthly PTA meeting with the Principal at 3:30.

Kirkus Reviews asked whether I wanted to publish it.

"Of course!" I responded immediately. "Scream it from the mountaintops (the ones that look like meringue on a pie that you so generously complimented in your review)." I've waited long enough and any publicity is good publicity said some famous person whose name I don't know.

Up it went, literally 30 seconds after I received it.

This morning, I clicked on the QuickView. Their verdict? Get It.

Get out.

I didn't even realize they had a verdict. Thank goodness it didn't say, Avoid at all costs.

The review is not perfect. I didn't get the coveted star. It included some constructive criticism that, as a debut author, I'm bound to receive. I'm new to all of this and am learning as I go. However, in full transparency, I want to share it here. Like those eight trips we took with our young children, writing about it has been a fun journey too. I appreciate you joining me and hope you're enjoying it too:

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